Parent, Pupil and Staff - Information
We would encourage all parents, pupils & staff to visit our Information page via the link below.

Click here to access useful information about Covid, Education and Counselling & many other useful Services, during Covid conditions.
Additional information can be found on our Facebook page.

In the event that schools close for an extended period of time: Please use our “Contact Us” link for General Enquiries.
Note: Please continue to check your email spam/junk inbox
for emails you may have missed from us.

The schools Main Office is open each day. (Tel. 028 38840278)

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~ Most Recent Events ~

For ALL School Dates, click HERE

                                    Autumn Term                                         

Mid Term Break Wednesday 27 October – Friday 29 October incl.
Educ Experience Day P7 pupils Friday 5 November
Christmas Exams/Assessments Monday 22 November – Mon 29 November Carol Service Sunday 5 December – Ballymore Parish Church tbc
School Development Day Wednesday 8 December
Senior Citizens Concert Tuesday 14 December (1.30 – 2.50 pm)
Christmas Concert Tuesday 14 December
Christmas Lunch (Pupils) Wednesday 15 December
Year 8 Parents’ Afternoon* Thursday 16 December 3.00pm to 5.00pm
Christmas Assembly Friday 17 December (8.40 – 9.20 am)
Year 8 Outing Friday 17 December (9.30 – 9.20 am)
School Quiz    Monday 20 December
Last Day of Term Tuesday 21 December 2021 (12.00 noon finish with buses) Non-uniform Day

                                    Spring Term                                     
Baker Day Tuesday 4 January 2022
Year 10 Parents’ Afternoon* Tuesday 4 January (12.30 to 2.50pm)
School Opens Wednesday 5 January 2022
Open Evening P6/7 Parents Thursday 13 January - 7.00 - 9.00 pm (1.30 pm finish) 
School Development Day Friday 14 January     
Year 9 Parents’ Afternoon* Thursday 20 January (3.00pm – 5.00pm)
Red Day Monday 14 February    
Mid Term Break Wednesday 16 – Friday 18 February (inc)
School Development Day Monday 21 February
Year 11 & 12 Information Afternoon Thur 24 February
Holiday Thursday 17 March
Transfer Exams Mon 28 March – Mon 4 April (inc)
Last Day of Term Friday 8 April (12.20 pm finish with buses) Non Uniform Day

                                  Summer Term                                     

School Opens Monday 25 April 
Bank Holiday Monday 2 May
PTIE &PTIM for Years 8, 9 & 10 Early May
Geography Sponsored Walk May - Date to be confirmed
Summer Exams Year 8/9 Monday 23 May – Monday 30 May inc 
Bank Holiday/Platinum Jubilee Holiday Thursday 2 and Friday 3 June 
Primary school testing in Hall tbc Tuesday 7 June  
Senior High Induction Day (Portadown College) tbc
School Development Day tbc Wednesday 8 June 
Year 10 Leavers’ Do Thursday 16 June 
Sports Day Friday 17 June 
Manchester Trip Tuesday 21 – Friday 24 June
Prefects’ Evening Meal Monday 27 June 
Annual House Award Monday 27 June (p1-4)
Special Assembly Tuesday 28 June 
Portrush Trip Wednesday 29 June
Last Day of Term Thursday 30 June (12.20 pm finish & buses) Non-Uniform Day (No Canteen)


Quick-links Toolbar

Did you know ; Logging into MySchool, grants access to most of our school resources?
i.e. Email, School Files (your documents), Google Suite Apps etc.

To login to MySchool, users should use their normal C2K username in the format;

(example: jbloggs123 together with their normal C2K password).

  Additionally, please visit our LINKS page where you can find detailed tutorials on accessing

EMAIL, Google Drive/Classroom and your School Files (i.e. documents)  

Logon Notes for Office 365 / Google Drive (apps).

Access to Google Apps for Education services is available to users on non-C2k devices either by accessing via MySchool ( or directly via the relevant Google app or website. Where direct access is used (i.e. from outside of school), users should use their C2k username in the format i.e. together with their normal C2k password. ( Note the @c2ken and not the usual @c2kni ) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Google Classroom notes.

A list of all classroom codes have been sent via an email link to every pupil for their year group classrooms.

Pupils need to log into their c2k account using their username and password we use in school - go to office 365 and access email - click on the link that was sent from Mrs McMurray with the list of classroom codes - go to Google Apps and join classes by clicking on the + and inserting the codes. When asked for email for Google pupils will use theirs in the format, i.e. If a pupil can't remember his/her c2k password you must use the contact form and request a reset.


The Google Classroom app can be downloaded to phones, ipads etc and is very handy if you want to get it too.

You can find schools Quick Access links at the bottom of this page or visit our LINKS page for more information. 

MATHS DEPARTMENT: Alongside Google classroom, students are expected to log into their manga high accounts and complete their tasks before the deadlines.


(Coronavirus) information

for parents, staff and pupils.

Please find link to the Public Health Agency website where
advice on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be regularly updated.
Additional Public Health Agency advice leaflets on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Additional info can be found on the EA website on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Additional info can be found on the DE website on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Multi-Lingual COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Parental Information can be downloaded here 

Video advice issued to schools
The Department of Health has issued a video advising teachers,

students and school staff of three ways to help stay safe during the

coronavirus pandemic in education settings.

The video advises washing hands on arrival to school,

after eating and when you sneeze or cough.

Those attending schools should also practice good respiratory hygiene,

following the "catch it, bin it and kill it" rule.

Pupils, teachers and staff should also practice social distancing

throughout the day, with a distance of two metres between individuals.