Personal Development


We recognise that young people live in a period of rapid and often dramatic social, economic and technological change.  In this climate our young people should ideally develop intrapersonal and interpersonal skills through the role models of significant adults in their lives.  As a result, they will automatically become more emotionally intelligent and witness the importance of having the right values and practices in the employment of life skills.

In line with our ethos and values it is our view that the personal development of our young people is as important as their academic development.  We believe that the holistic approach to development on all levels produces well-rounded “whole” people equipped with the skills to deal with life. In recognition of this, when delivering the personal development programmes, we focus on the development of skills and values centred firmly on the person.

Personal Development Curriculum

The taught PD Curriculum covers the following topics and also uses external support agencies to assist in its delivery.

Year Group 8

Time allocated: 1 period per week for all classes

Resources: INSYNC File

  1. Health and the Whole Person
  2. Emotions and Feelings
  3. Morals and Values
  4. Learning about Learning
  5. Safety and Managing Risk
  6. Relationships

Year Group 9

Time allocated:  ~15  periods per year

  1. Relationships with Form Class
  2.  Smoking
  3.  Love for Life (Who’s Choosing)
  4.  Action Cancer

Year Group 10

Time allocated:  ~15  periods per year

  1. Alcohol misuse
  2. Relationships with Boy/Girl
  3. Love for Life

LSC Junior

Time allocated:  1 period of LLW weekly

  1. Community of Lifesavers
  2. Being Happy with Who I Am
  3. Expressing Identity ‘Escape from Disaster’
  4. Self Awareness, Identifying and Investigating jobs, Why work?

LSC Senior

Time allocated:  1 period weekly, 1 day per week

CCEA Life Skills
CCEA Occupational Studies