Learning Support Centre

Subject Team

Mrs Crawford (SENCO)
Mrs Crossey

LSC Overview

The Code or Practice, now legally adopted in all schools, has implications for all pupils with special needs.  There are 3 stages in the code and pupils move through these stages according to their need and ability.  Pupils at stage 3 may be placed in the Learning Support Centre with a ‘statement’ of Special Needs.  This is following a collection of advice given by educationalists, psychologists, medical team and parents.  The final decision lies with the EA and the Board Officer in charge of Special Education.

What You Will Learn

At present there are 2 teachers in charge of the LSC classes, supported by 3 classroom assistants.  The main aim of our ‘Centre’ is to meet the pupils’ needs in the important areas of literacy and numeracy.  Learning for Life and Work including Personal Development, Employability & Citizenship, IT and Religious Education are also taught within the Learning Support Centre.   A strong emphasis is placed on integration where the Special Needs pupils, while still based within a ‘Centre’, are taught by mainstream specialist teachers in the following subjects: Art, Science, Music, Technology, Home Economics, Geography, History and Modern Languages.

Social and life skills play a major part in our programme, especially for school leavers.  Year 11 and Year 12 pupils attend ‘Link Courses’ in local colleges of Further & Higher Education.  During Year 12, school leavers are given the opportunity to participate in a ‘work experience’ programme one day a week.

Swimming lessons, Leisure Centre activities and educational visits are also an integral part of our yearly scheme.