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Here in the Science Department we have a desire to build a firm foundation of character and competence in all pupils.

It is a place where we are not afraid to work hard, persevere, show passion for learning new scientific things, take pride in our work, have good manners, be respectful, be honest, have empathy and be caring, considerate and courteous to our fellow pupils and staff.

It is a place where we will develop the core scientific competencies in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Working Scientifically. We will gain knowledge and understanding, interpret and apply what we know and work scientifically to develop laboratory techniques and skills, investigating and experimenting safely. We will collect and record data, report accurately and draw conclusions and make evaluations.

We will try and master these core competencies by having a ‘can do’ approach, being self-disciplined, working well together and being organised. We will have a strong work ethic and have optimism and hope that we can always achieve more than we first thought. We will take pride and celebrate the effort as well as the achievements we make.

It is a Department where we do not just settle for success with ambition and motivation to reach high academic and vocational results; but will strive for significance in developing our own character and our relationships with others.

Parents and Guardians

At KS3 the Science Department uses teaching booklets. Each booklet has been designed to maximize your child’s learning experience. It is the main resource your child will use in the teaching of each topic. Your support, as a parent or guardian is crucial. We require your child to bring this booklet to class each lesson and when it is completed to keep it safely at home in a lever arch file to use for revision for tests and exams and for the KS3 Transfer exam in Year 10.


Each booklet has a list of learning intentions for the topic being studied.  A learning intention describes what you should know, understand or be able to do.  In order to help your child progress further they will be given various homework's to complete each week.                     


This can be any of the following;-   

  • Completing a task that has not been finished during class time

  • Undertaking a new task set by the teacher which should be recorded in the pupil diary. This can be a written, learning or research homework

  • Carrying out revision by reading over their own work, correcting mistakes, memorizing keywords and definitions, spelling tests for keywords.


If your child is absent from class it is important that they find out what they have missed so that they can catch up with both homework and classwork.



Take care with your work and always remember to give it your best effort.

Complete all work to a high standard, writing neatly and clearly at all times.

Show GRIT - Perseverance and Passion for Learning.

Have a large measure of Work Ethic.

Display Good Manners at all times


Quick checklist

I must bring to all of my science classes….

  • Pens, pencils, ruler, glue stick etc.

  • Science booklet

  • Homework

  • Homework diary

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Army led STEM workshops

Today 10th May Year 10 enjoyed a series of Army led STEM workshops organised by Mrs McMurray (Biology). The workshops included 3 STEM activities, a forensics challenge, engineering and technology bridge design problem solving exercise and a series of command tasks. All activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all- a big thank you to the guys from the Army who delivered the workshops!

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