Young Enterprise Dragons Den Winners 2019

Updated: Jan 25, 2019

Young Enterprise – Presentations:

8JW celebrated the completion of their ‘QuickStart Programme’ this week by presenting their company ideas to a group of business people - "Dragon's" from the local business community!

Everyone worked so hard and it was a very close competition


Runners up on the day were team “Swagalicious” – Abbie Forde, Mia Bell, Samantha Doake, Lacey Foster and Lucy Dawson.

Winners were team “Christmas Crackers” – Uel Brown, Peter Clarke, Adam Hamilton, Tim Hamilton, Kobe Davey and Jamie Craig.

Excellent enthusiasm, hard work and perseverance shown by all teams! Well done everyone.

Congratulations to the teams– Swagalicious who were runners up and Christmas Crackers who won on the day!.


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