Primary School Visits

Miss Mattison commenced visits to our local contributory primary schools this week.

Miss Mattison was accompanied by 2 x Tandragee pupils. Miss Mattison spoke to pupils about all that Tandragee Junior High has to offer. Take a look at some of the pupils with their TJHS prospectus and notebook.

Watch out for updates from visits to our other primary schools next week!

Gilford Primary - Pupils from Gilford are Open Night competition winners (PE and Geog/ICT).

Gilford Primary

Moyallen Primary

Moyallen Primary

Scarva Primary - 2 x Pupils from Scarva are Open Night competition winners (ICT - Mrs McMurray)

Scarva Primary

Poyntzpass Primary

Poyntzpass Primary

Tandragee Primary

Tandragee Primary

Clare Primary

Mullavilly Primary



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