Modern Foreign Languages Day

How TJHS celebrated European Day of Languages In Art & Design we work in collaboration with Home Economics to create pizzas with Year 9 classes. Pupils have had great fun designing and creating 2D pizzas out of a range of resources, some of which they bring in for themselves and some materials are provided for them. They research Italian culture as part of the design process and their written evaluations show how much they engaged with the project. The finished products (no pun intended) are displayed in the Assembly Hall for the special European Language Day assembly.

The English Department link into this topic with work on persuasive writing, as they create Pizza leaflets. Continuing in the pizza spirit, pupils make pizza in their Home Economics lesson. They also complete a poster on facts about pizza. In Geography, Year 8 and LSC Junior have been doing an EU countries map work task. The Year 9 and LSC Senior have completed a capital cities challenge. Year 10 completed a Flag challenge. In ICT classes pupils completed an Excel challenge based on the topic of EU population. Year 8 have been learning French greetings by singing about them and perform their song at the special assembly. At this assembly the PE Department will showcase a variety of dance and gymnastics items. There will also be instrumental music with an Austrian ‘flavour’ and the Choir will perform a topical song.

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