Art & Design - Competition Winners - Anti-bullying Poster & Design a Christmas Card - 2019

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

Anti-Bullying Poster Winning Christmas

Card Designs

Anti-Bullying Art & Design Competition

Design task:To Design an Anti-Bullying poster to be displayed in our school.

Winners of the Anti- Bullying Competition launched by the Art Department in line with Anti-Bullying Week are:-

1st- Victoria Oberda

2nd- Owen Jones

3rd- Katie Leech

Art & Design Competition-

Design Task: To Design a Christmas Card

Due to lots of entries all of a very high standard we decided to break the prizes down into 3 categories so well done to all pupils who entered.

1st- Craft Design- Lucy Toal

2nd- Computer Aided Design- Reece McMinn

= Equal 3rd- Drawing skills - Bailey Rodgers, Katie McMinn and Kiyan Telford.

‘Missing from photograph Mrs Houston (Art Dept) and two prize winners Victoria Oberda and Katie Leech..’


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