A moment though.... before you decide on the "Download" option.......

Please be aware that Office 365 and Google Drive are both available as a "Cloud-Based" option to Pupils & Staff and NO INSTALLATION is required.

Simply, login to the MySchool page to access them Via the Launch-pad.  (an internet connection is required!)

To Access the (cloud-based) Office 365 & Google Drive/Apps please see Instructions on our LINKS page.

If you wish to continue and download and install Office 365 for Free! (you MUST have valid C2k Credentials!) 

please follow the instructions below.....





To Download & Install Office 365 follow these steps:

All pupils and school staff can now download and use (FREE of charge)

Microsoft Office 365, for use on up to 5 computers. (MAC and PC).

Note: Only current/valid C2k accounts will be accepted during the download and installation procedures.

   Expiry Notice   

Please note: Once a registered pupil/staff member leaves the C2K email network (i.e. leaves a school), the license will expire and your copy of office 365 will become a partially functional "read-only" version.


For PC and Mac:

  1. Visit http://portal.office.com  or Click this Office 365 icon  ->

  2. Sign in with C2k username in the format; i.e. jbloggs123@c2ken.net (You will be auto-redirected to the Office 365 logon page). (Note: Be sure to use the @c2ken.net extension ) 

  3. You will be asked to login again, only this time use your normal c2k login and password (i.e. jbloggs123 and normal C2K password).

  4. On the Office 365 Welcome page, click Install Office 2016, (there are options for 32/64bit installs) then follow on-screen instructions to complete the installation.

For iOS and Android:

  • Download the desired app (Google Docs/Office365) from your device App Store.

  • Sign in with your C2k username and password for full editing capability.
  • Please note, the username must be in the format i.e. jbloggs123@c2ken.net with your normal C2k password.