This year the MFL department are experimenting with some online resources through  Teachers will create study sets of words on each topic that pupils can use at home on their own computer or as an app on their phone.  There are flashcards to teach the words, games and activities to practise with and even a test to check your own progress.  French pronunciation is accurate and authentic and the content is tailor-made to our scheme of work.  This is a fun and effective way of really consolidating your learning.  Detailed instructions on how to join up are in your school e-mail and a link to your year group folder.  Simply create an account, click on the link and join the class - your classmates are all in there!

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Welcome to the MODERN LANGUAGES page!


Modern Foreign Languages play a big part in the curriculum at TJHS, as all pupils study French initially and some will also take up Spanish.


Many pupils will come to TJHS after studying a language in their  Primary School, while others have no previous experience  -  we  cater  for all abilities.


Pupils are encouraged to consider taking a GCSE in a Modern Language at their next school, in order to enhance their career opportunities.







Who does what?


The Modern Language teachers are, Ms E Crawford and Mrs D L Inns and Mrs T Harris.  Mrs Whitten, Ms Crawford & Mrs Harris teach French, Mrs Inns teaches French and Spanish and Mrs Whitten is the Head of Department.


This was a multi-cultural event to celebrate European Week of Languages.  There were performances of music and dance from different countries, and readings, poems and prayers in the many languages spoken by our pupils.


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MFL Activity Booklet (pdf download)
MFL languages & communication studies postcards (pdf download)

What do we study?


There  are  four  assessed skills in  Modern  Languages:


1.  Listening   


2.  Speaking


3.  Reading


4.  Writing


Topics  covered  in all skills include:


Year  8  -  Meeting  and  greeting  a  French  person,  Saying  how  you  are  and  asking  someone  else,  giving  and  asking  for  your  age,  classroom  objects,  where  you  and  others  live,  La  Rochelle,  Your  family  and  pets,  Your  likes  and  dislikes,  Important  dates  in  the  French  calendar,  Birthdays,   Presents and Clothing.


Year  9  -  Weather,  Temperature,  Seasons,  Sports/Leisure  Activities,  Places  in  town,  Asking  for  and  giving  directions,  At  the  tourist  office,  Time,  Your  typical  day


Year  10  -  Food  and  drinks,  Meals,  Eating  out  or  with  a  French  family,  Leisure,  sport  and  music,  Helping  around  the  house,  Shops,  Quantities  and  Money,  Shopping  for  food, travel.

MFL poster 1 (pdf download)
MFL poster 2 (pdf download)

Why  study  a  Modern  Foreign  Language?




There are three things that you should always remember about languages:


1. It’s a multilingual world – not everyone speaks English.


94% of the world does not speak English as their first language.

75% of the world does not speak English at all.

53%  of  Europeans  are  fluent  in  2  or  more  languages.


2. Languages improve the quality of your life and your understanding of how other people live and think. You become more open-minded and empathetic. You can travel more and meet new people both at home and abroad.


3. Being able to communicate in another language can make you much more employable in a range of different careers from lorry driving to law, and increase your earning potential!

You do not have to be fluent in a language – a little language can make a lot of difference.  Even the basic phrases make a real difference.

94%  of  employers think that foreign language skills  are  important.

What Else?

The Modern Languages Department organizes several other language-related activities throughout the school year to support the curriculum.




Each  year  for  a  week  in  September  we  have  a  whole  school  focus  on  European  Studies and Languages.  Many  departments  study  a  European  dimension  of  their  subject  area  eg  European  Scientists,  WW1  in  History,  European  dishes  in  Home  Economics,  European  Artists,  etc.


During  the  week,  the  canteen  staff  produce  delicious  European  dishes  for  break  and  lunch.


Pupils  can  earn  prizes and house  points  for  their  house  by  entering  the  International Quiz.


The  week  culminates  in  a  special  assembly  which  includes  prayers,  readings,  poems,  songs  and  dance  from  a  variety  of  different countries.


PARIS TRIP  (October)


There is a school trip to Paris on alternate years.  This  trip  is  both  educational  and  fun  and  includes  visits  to  all  the  major  attractions  in  Paris  as  well  as  2  days  at  Disneyland  Paris.  Always  a  popular  trip,  pupils  are  advised  to  get  their  deposits  in  early  and  make  monthly  payments  over  the  next  seven  months.  


Look  in  the  Photo  Gallery  for  pictures  of  the  last  Paris  trip




Each year we  book  the  Onatti  Theatre  Company  to  perform  French  and  Spanish  plays   for  all  pupils.   

The  plays:

•are  performed by native speaking actors.

•are  completely in the foreign language.

•are  relevant for modern teenagers.

•involve  audience  participation.




Communication  and  research  using  ICT  are  important  in  MFL.  Activities  include  word  processing,  research,  presentations,  brochures,  leaflets,  posters  etc


We  make  an  annual  subscription to  the  Linguascope  website  so  all  pupils  have  access  both  in  school  and  at  home.  Modern  Languages  teachers  will  give  pupils  the  username  and  password  for  our  school. This  website  enables  pupils  to  consolidate  and  reinforce  both  French  and  Spanish  topics  studied  in  class.  The  site  includes  presentations  with  sound,  games  and  consolidation  activities.


If English is not your native language, you can  also use  the  English  section  of  Linguascope  to  improve your English.


Click this LINK to access the linguascope website


Below are links to some useful web resources, if you have a problem with a link or have a suggestion for inclusion in the list, speak to one of  the Modern  Language teachers.         



Listen to news in "francais facile".  Also includes lots of interesting reading and listening activities based on up to the minute topics.

A French news and entertainment site.

A French news site.

A language resource site for various topics.

The French Top 50 Singles Chart.

Ask  your  MFL  teacher  for  the  username  and  password.

An online bilingual dictionary



A site for Spanish grammar and vocabulary exercises.  (Including "Grade or No Grade")

A useful site for Spanish students.

The Spanish Top 40 Singles chart.



Cinema showings in Northern Ireland

Queen’s film theatre

The BBC's Home Page for Languages.

The CCEA Home Page for Languages.

A handy site if you need to look up a word quickly.                               


Today, year 9 pupils were making Spanish origami-counters in class in order to practise their numbers 1 – 12.

Spanish Certificates – CCEA OLA (Online Language Assessment) Entry Level 2
IMG_7551 (Large).JPG

Congratulations to Year 10 pupils at Tandragee Junior High School who achieved their very first Spanish Certificate – CCEA OLA (Online Language Assessment) Entry Level 2.  The pupils had to sit a Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing Examination in order to acquire their Spanish Qualification. Pupils reported that it was a “very proud moment” in order to gain this achievement.  Mrs Inns, VP and MFL teacher, believes that the CCEA OLA Curriculum helps to boost the confidence and competence level of the pupils at Tandragee Junior High School in the four main linguistic skills and stands them in good stead for GCSE languages.  Mr C W Brown, Principal, is extremely pleased of how the pupils have performed and how this part of the Northern Ireland Curriculum reinforces key skills and develops the pupils as individual to society, the economy and the environment.  “Absolutamente sobresaliente .”

Year 11s presented with CCEA Entry level 3 Spanish Qualifications
Year 11s presented with CCEA Entry level

Year 11s at Portadown college were presented with the their CCEA Entry level 3 Spanish Qualifications by Mrs D L inns, Vice-Principal/MFL Teacher at Tandragee Junior High School and Mr P Richardson, Acting Principal, Portadown College

Week of Languages (2021)
Pupils of 9AH and 9MM sing their Spanish Greeting song - Buenos Días as a round, harmonising beautifully with Señora Inns
Pupils presented with Spanish OLA Entry
level 2 Spanish Qualifications
MFL Spanish (cropped) (Medium).JPG