Welcome to the Maths Department.


Mr Henning (H.O.D.)

Mr Gamble

Mrs Crossey


Aims and objectives;

  1. To cover the Key Stage 3 Maths curriculum

  2. To ensure that all pupils improve their numeracy skills

  3. To encourage an interest and enthusiasm for Maths

  4. To apply Maths to everyday life and it’s applications for careers and jobs


There is a Maths club on after school on Tuesday. This can be used for pupils who need support or lack confidence in certain topics, to cover home works, revise for tests and exams or for pupils to stretch themselves beyond the work done in class.


Key stage 3 topics covered:

(These might not all be covered and other topics might be included, such as time, if this is an area for improvement).


Year 8:

  • Averages

  • Algebra

  • Angles

  • Area and perimeter


  • Conversion graphs

  • Fractions of amounts (adding and subtracting)

  • Measurements (the metric system)

  • Negative numbers

  • Number sequences (Factors and multiples)

  • Percentages

  • Probability

  • Rounding

  • Scatter graphs


Year 9:


  • Algebra -

  • Expanding double brackets

  • Solving equations with terms on both sides of the equation

  • Simultaneous equations

  • Trial and improvement

  • Substitution

  • Circles

  • Drawing pie charts

  • Pythagoras theorem

  • Proportion

  • Ratio

  • Angles on parallel lines

  • Averages from a frequency table

  • Stem and leaf diagrams

  • Transformations

  • Volume of prisms


Year 10:


  • Algebra-

  •  change the subject of the formula

  • Factorisation

  • Straight line graphs

  • Inequalities

  • Averages from grouped data

  • Cumulative frequency and box plots

  • Indices

  • Probability of combined events

  • Questionnaires and sampling

  • Simple and compound interest

  • Standard form

  • Surface area and volume

  • Speed graphs


Maths Mangahigh Medal Winners 2018
IMG_5983a (Medium).JPG

Maths Week Ireland 2018
Thank you to everybody for taking part in Maths week Ireland. Tandragee Junior High were the highest placed school from Northern Ireland on Mangahigh. The following pupils have all achieved medals, as well as pupil of the month for October. Thank you to for setting such a high standard for our school through your excellent effort. 
Andrew Hazard
Mia Sherman
Sarah-Jayne Williamson
Jessica Stewart
Nathan Rafferty
Daniel Harris
Lucy Toal
Sean Cassidy
Pretty-Bo Mayes
Hannah Abraham
Jamie Craig
Sophie Miskimmons
Evie Rees
Rachel Spence

Army led STEM workshops

IMG_6584 (Medium)
IMG_6584 (Medium)

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IMG_6585 (Medium)
IMG_6585 (Medium)

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IMG_6574 (Medium)
IMG_6574 (Medium)

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IMG_6584 (Medium)
IMG_6584 (Medium)

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Today 10th May Year 10 enjoyed a series of Army led STEM workshops organised by Mrs McMurray (Biology). The workshops included 3 STEM activities, a forensics challenge, engineering and technology bridge design problem solving exercise and a series of command tasks. All activities were thoroughly enjoyed by all- a big thank you to the guys from the Army who delivered the workshops!

IMG_0954 (Medium)
IMG_0954 (Medium)

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IMG_0953 (Medium)
IMG_0953 (Medium)

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IMG_0935 (Medium)
IMG_0935 (Medium)

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IMG_0954 (Medium)
IMG_0954 (Medium)

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(Year 8 & Year 9)

Junior Maths Challenge 2019

IMG_7198 (Medium).JPG

Several year 8 and 9 pupils took part in the Junior Maths Challenge back in April.  
Andrew Hazard achieved a Gold certificate in the challenge. Matthew Alhadeff, Rachel Spence, Kirsten McDowell, Rachel Abraham, Nathan Rafferty and Jamie Craig all achieved a Silver certificate. Adam Hamilton, Uel Brown, Lucy Cardwell and Jake Cooke all achieved a Bronze certificate. These are excellent results. Well done to all who participated in this challenge. 

Junior Math's Challenge 2021

IMG_9822 (Large).JPG

The Junior Maths Challenge 2021 took place on Thursday 29th April. The following Mathletes braved a tough test and came out with a certifcate for their efforts. Those who achieved a Junior Maths Challenge certicate were Alesha Strain, Ryan Boyd, Sarlote Stabulniece, Sarah Spence, Noah Jones, Noah Marks, Aaron Kent and Jack Steele. Well done from the Maths department. 

Maths week Ireland - 2021

IMG_0231 (Medium)
IMG_0231 (Medium)

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IMG_0229 (Medium)
IMG_0229 (Medium)

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IMG_0184 (Medium)
IMG_0184 (Medium)

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IMG_0231 (Medium)
IMG_0231 (Medium)

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It is Maths week Ireland and some of our pupils got stuck into the national competition called the Olympiad Chalenge. Working in pairs or individually they calculated and problem solved and had fun with Maths. 

Year 8 - Junior Maths Challenge 2022
(25th Anniversary Challenge)

Maths Yr8 Jr Maths 25th Anniversary Challenge - pics (Medium).JPG

These year 8 pupils took part in the 25th Anniversary of the Junior Maths Challenge. They all achieved certificates for their efforts. Well done!