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Logging into MySchool first, grants access to most school resources.
i.e. Email, School Files (your documents), Google Suite Apps etc.

Logon Notes!

To login to Myschool, users should use their normal C2K username in the format (example: jbloggs123 together with their normal C2K password).


For Office 365 and Google Apps where access is from outside of school, users should use their C2K username in the format i.e. jbloggs123@c2ken.net together with their normal C2k password.

Access to Office 365 & Google Apps for Education services is available to

C2K account-holders on non-C2k devices, either by accessing via Myschool i.e. www.c2kschools.net or directly via the relevant Google app or Google Drive website.

Updating C2K Passwords (Externally)

All users may "UPDATE" their own C2K password anytime by visiting;


Note: This can be carried out even if a password has expired, provided

the user knows their previous password.


STAFF (Only) can"RESET" their own password using the link below

(But only if they have completed the prerequisite "security questions" task ,

as outlined in C2k Exchange, help-sheet EN136

(MySchool)   https://ua.c2kschools.net/ 

i.e. To RESET their Password , STAFF should click the Myschool link (above),

then choose “Forgotten Password” option)  

(this is also available from the Quick Links Toolbar across the bottom of this website  page.

Alternatively, use this direct link below to RESET your (STAFF ONLY) Password.


Note: When a user attempts to log-in with the incorrect combination of 'username and password' 5 times in succession, the account is 'locked' for 30 minutes.

We recommend in such instances, to retry your logon again 30 minutes

after the initial "lock-out".

If after that you still remain locked-out, Please contact the school

(Only Available - Mon-Thu, 8am - 4pm. Fri 8am - 3:45pm) 


Your call will be forwarded to a staff member who can assist with unlocking accounts.



"locked-out" User Accounts

...for Office 365, follow steps  1  + 2  below.

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Office 365 offers these Cloud facilities including Outlook (your school Email).

...for Google Suite Apps, follow steps  1   3   4   5  below.

Google Suite provides access to Google Classroom.


Click Myschool Page Link above to go to the MySchool website. Sign in using your normal C2K username in the format (example: jbloggs123 together with your normal C2K password).





After Step 5. you will be asked to sign in again. i.e.

google-second sign-in.jpg

This time, use you C2K username in the format, i.e. jbloggs123@c2ken.net

together with your normal C2K password.

Once you have accessed Google Drive, Google Classroom can then be located by ; 

clicking the 9-dots “waffle icon" at top and then selecting the Classroom icon …. as shown in the image.

google classroom.png

You may see these options below, choose accordingly.


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Accessing your School Files (i.e. Your Documents), follow steps   1  2  3  4   below.

Click Myschool Page Link above to go to the MySchool login page.  Sign in using your normal C2K username in the format (example: jbloggs123 together with your normal C2K password). 



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(i.e without acessing via MySchool)

Click either Office 365 or Google Apps below for direct access

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!! Remember !! - For Direct Access (outside of the school network) users should use their C2K username in the format i.e. jbloggs123@c2ken.net together with their normal C2K password.
Outlook and Google Apps can be downloaded onto phones and tablets for IOS and Android.
Here are some handy links.
Note: on IOS devices, you must visit the APP STORE on your device and search for "Google Classroom".
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Click here for tutorial in PDF document.

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