Home Economics

Home Economics is studied by all pupils during their three years at Tandragee Junior High School.  We aim to promote Home Economics as an interesting subject where pupils can enjoy working in theory and practical lessons.  Pupils are encouraged to develop skills to enable them to become more independent at school and in the future.They are given opportunities to follow a healthy eating approach to making food choices.  They are introduced to the roles and responsibilities of family members and how to make informed choices as consumers and have knowledge of their rights and responsibilities.    

September 2008 saw the use a new Home Economics suite including classroom, multipurpose and resource room, providing a bright and stimulating environment for staff and pupils.

Throughout the year we have outside agencies to demonstrate dishes and reinforce previous learning in school.

Livestock and Meat Commission
Demonstration on Healthy Eating including Five A Day
Consumer Council – Trading Standards


10 HY prac exam march 2017 016 (Medium)
10 HY prac exam march 2017 010 (Medium)
10 HE practical exam 010 (Medium)
10 Gp 3 Prac exam 016 (Medium)
10 Gp 3 Prac exam 008 (Medium)
10 GHP 1 Prac exam 022 (Medium)
9GP 1 Prac Exam 012 (Medium)
10 GHP 1 Prac exam 020 (Medium)
10 GHP 1 Prac exam 015 (Medium)
10 GHP 1 Prac exam 003 (Medium)
9GP 1 Prac Exam 008 (Medium)
9GP 1 Prac Exam 006 (Medium)
9GP 1 Prac Exam 004 (Medium)
9GP 1 Prac Exam 002 (Medium)
9 GP 3 Prac Exam 009 (Medium)
9 GP 2 Prac exam 010 (Medium)
8 GP 3 Practical Exam 016 (Medium)
8 GP1 Practical exam 008 (Medium)
8 GP1 Practical exam 019 (Medium)
8Gp 2 Practical exam 022 (Medium)