History is the study of the past. During your 3 years at TJHS you will travel through time from 1066 to the present day. Encountering the many famous characters whose lives have helped shape the world you live in. On your travels through the centuries you will meet William the Conqueror, Martin Luther, Henry VIII, William of Orange, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and Adolf Hitler.

History is not about learning dates; it is about understanding the past and looking to the future.

Scheme of Work – Year 8
•History skills
•The Normans

•Medieval Crime and Punishment
•Norman Castles – Carrickfergus Castle
•Norman Ireland


Scheme of Work – Year 9
•The Reformation
•The Slave Trade
•The Plantation of Ulster
•1641 Rebellion
•17th Century England and Ireland


Scheme of Work – Year 10
•20th Century overview
•Causes of 1st World War
•Consequences of 1st World War
•Rise of Hitler
•The Holocaust
•The Atomic Bomb
•The 1st World War
•Events leading up to Partition of Ireland in 1922



History Trips/Interactive activities –

Year 8 Visit to Dromore Motte and Bailey and Carrickfergus Castle (in May/June)

Year 10 – History Ireland 1st World War soldier visits to talk about his experiences and show his equipment (April/May)

LSC Junior visited Schomberg House

LSC Junior visited Schomberg House as part of their studies on 17th Century Ireland and the Battle of the Boyne in May 2018.

Lois and Ben dress up in 17th Century military clothing at Schomberg House.

Sloan's House visit

On Tuesday 26th February as part of their studies of 17th Century Ireland a group of year 9 pupils visited Sloan’s House in Loughgall. The pupils were given a tour of the museum by Leslie and Chris and had a workshop handling some 17th century weapons with Sarah Cameron (Schomberg House representative). It was a very informative visit with pupils learning about the Plantation of Ulster in the Loughgall area and the Battle of the Boyne. Pupils also discovered how wounded soldiers were treated by the local barber. We would like to pass on our thanks to the volunteers at Sloan’s House for hosting our visit and to Sarah Cameron who took the workshop. The healthy break was provided by the café and our thanks go to Lauren Harrison (past pupil TJHS) for assisting with it.

1st WW presentation to year 10 2019

On Monday 13th May the curator from Schomberg House, Dr Jonathan Mattison spoke to Year 10 pupils about the 1st World War. Pupils were given the opportunity to learn about some of the uniforms and weapons used during the war – several also had the chance to dress as a British or German soldier. A very interesting morning for everyone.

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