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The aim of the Geography Department is to ;

1. To develop in young people’s minds a knowledge and understanding of:
• the place they live in
• other people and places
• how people and places inter-relate and inter- connect
• the significance of location
• human and physical environments
• people-environment relationships
• the causes and consequences of change

2. To develop lifelong/ relevant skills of:

•Geographical enquiry
•Map work
•Group work/ presentations/ oral communication

3. To stimulate an interest in and encourage an appreciation of the world around us

4. To develop an informed concern for the world around us and a willingness to take positive action, both locally and globally.

Department Staff

Head of Department: Mrs McMurray
Teaching staff: Mr Gale & Mrs McCallan



Fieldwork has always been an important part of the Geography Curriculum, because of the relevance of the experience and the opportunity to develop and consolidate skills and concepts introduced in the classroom. Nowadays, it is an essential component of all pupils’ geographical experience, as well as a part of external examinations in GCSE / AS Geography.


Fieldwork is an integral part of the scheme of work and there are lots of opportunities available.


Fieldwork experiences include


Local Surveys, Tayto Factory Visit to see first-hand the Factory as a System with inputs, Processes and Outputs. Fieldwork at Lough Neagh Discovery Centre, sampling techniques including pooters, quadrats, Pitfall traps and Sweep nets. Settlement study- Tandragee Urban land-use Model. ZooLab Visits and Weather data collection.





































Using ICT

Pupils complete a wide range of Using ICT tasks in Geography, including creation of a variety of graphs and spreadsheets using Excel including Climate graphs, sorting information and handling/ explaining data. Department staff work closely with the Mathematical Dept. and promote the Numeracy Target amongst pupils. In Year 10 pupils create a Movie aimed for the attention of the school charity committee with the purpose of appealing for fund raising to help the victims of a recent disaster. Pupils regularly use Google Apps for Education for downloading resources, uploading tasks and presentations and for the completion of quizzes and tests.


The CCEA Key Stage 3 Microsite for Using ICT can be accessed from the following link





















Year 10 Sponsored Walk

Year 10’s take part in an annual Geography Dept. Sponsored walk. Our main aim is to raise funds for people in countries who are less well off than ourselves. In 2013 we raised enough money to have a well dug in India through the GTSSS  (GOSPEL FOR TRIBALS SOCIAL SERVICE SOCIETY) water well scheme. In 2018 we secured our 6th well! – just imagine clean water for the inhabitants of 6 whole villages! We also support other charities close to the hearts of our Year 10 pupils. Each year we donate some money to the Science department to purchase and maintain Heart Start equipment used during Year 10 Science lessons in the summer term as well as donating to the attached charity The British Heart Foundation. Charities we have supported include JOYNTZ, HeartStart UK, Craigavon Area Hospital Ward 1 North, Meningitis Research Foundation, British Red Cross and Newry Hospice. The Dept. staff are very proud of our pupils for all their efforts raising money over the years and are very grateful to their parents and the wider community for sponsoring them. Such a difference we have made to the lives of so many!




























Growth Mindset in Geography


The Geography Department really emphasizes the Growth Mindset ethos through Geography lessons, booklets and motivational posters displayed in the classrooms. Pupils are encouraged to be determined to succeed, even when they find the going tough and not to give up- There is a difference between I can’t and I can’t YET! Pupils are encouraged to help and support their peers and should always strive towards the School Motto Care, Courtesy and Consideration in the Geography classroom setting.





























Year 10 pupils and 4 pupils from LSC Senior took part in our annual Geography Dept. sponsored walk along the towpath today (25/05/2018). The weather was brilliant as were the pupils. Lots of money raised for super charities. Thanks to everyone who turned up and took part, family and friends who sponsored and staff who supervised along the route. A great team effort! Mrs McMurray (Geography HOD).


Year 8 Orienteering 2019

On Wednesday 8th May Year 8 completed an orienteering workshop organised by Mrs McMurray and provided by Landmark Geomatics in and around the school grounds. Everyone participated really well and fun was had by all. Pupils recognized by team leader Graeme Francis as having excellent orienteering skills and speed around the course were Chloe Vance 8RG, Adam Hamilton 8JW, Tim Hamilton 8JW, Evie Redpath 8HJ and Lucy Toal 8HJ.

LSC Junior visited Lough Neagh Discovery Centre on Tuesday 21st May 2019. During the Geography fieldtrip pupils enjoyed pond dipping, setting pitfall traps, sweep nets, bird watching and swallowing the odd Lough Neagh fly (by accident!). All pupils behaved impeccably, followed instructions carefully and took part in the activities with enthusiasm and interest. Mrs McMurray, Mrs Crossey, Mrs Irwin, Mrs Wright and Miss Bicker were so proud of them!

LSC Junior visited Lough Neagh Discovery Centre 2019

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