Key Stage 3


The school places strong emphasis in its curricular arrangements on educating all the pupils to their maximum level of ability. The pupils are prepared for a wide diversity of careers from the highest academic level to pupils more suited to vocational education. It reflects the main aim of the school which is “To promote a positive attitude to learning, so that each child develops to their full potential”.The curriculum follows the statutory requirements of the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum at Key Stage 3 in all the prescribed Areas of Study. There are also courses for each pupil in Personal Development (PD), Citizenship and Employability and these are closely linked to the Pastoral Care system in the school.


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Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilites Display - all pupils experience a full range of TS & PC at Key Stage 3 in the areas of:-


Managing Information

Thinking, Problem-Slving and Decision-Making

Being creative

Workign with others

Self Management