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All Covid-19 related info plus access to other useful information about Counselling and other Services during this extended school closure, will be posted here for Parents, Staff and Pupils.

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Covid Contacting Arrangements from Friday 10th September 2021)

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A guide to Lateral-Flow Testing

Department of Education Updated Advice:

Please note update to face covering advice from the Department of Education:

It is recommended that pupils and teachers wear a face covering in corridors and other communal areas of post-primary schools. This updates the existing guidance on the use of face coverings in educational settings.

This will come into effect on 31st August 2020 when schools return on a full time basis.

In TJHS face coverings should be washable/plain fabric

Thank you

C W Brown, Principal


(Covid-19) information

 for parents, staff and pupils.

Please find link for the Public Health Agency website where
advice on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be regularly updated.
Additional Public Health Agency  advice leaflets on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Additional info can be found on the EA website on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Additional info can be found on the DE website on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Multi-Lingual COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Parental
Information can be downloaded here >

Video advice issued to schools
The Department of Health has issued a video advising teachers,

students and school staff of three ways to help stay safe during the

coronavirus pandemic in education settings.

The video advises washing hands on arrival to school,

after eating and when you sneeze or cough.

Those attending schools should also practice good respiratory hygiene,

following the "catch it, bin it and kill it" rule.

Pupils, teachers and staff should also practice social distancing

throughout the day, with a distance of two metres between individuals.

Google Classroom notes.

A list of all classroom codes have been sent via an email link to every pupil for their year group classrooms.

Pupils need to log into their c2k account using their username and password we use in school - go to office 365 and access email - click on the link that was sent from Mrs McMurray with the list of classroom codes - go to Google Apps and join classes by clicking on the + and inserting the codes. When asked for email for Google pupils will use theirs in the format, i.e. If a pupil can't remember his/her c2k password you must use the contact form and request a reset.


The Google Classroom app can be downloaded to phones, ipads etc and is very handy if you want to get it too.

You can find schools Quick Access links at the bottom of this page or visit our LINKS page for more information. 

MATHS DEPARTMENT: Alongside Google classroom, students are expected to log into their manga high accounts and complete their tasks before the deadlines. 

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons

Daily lessons Available from 20th April

Beginning Monday 20 April, BBC Bitesize will publish daily online lessons for all ages.

We'll also have a new dedicated TV channel full of learning content,

podcasts on BBC Sounds and loads of educational video on iPlayer.

How Bitesize will support you while you're learning from home

New 'Safer Schools' App.

Parents, Teachers and Carers will be able access advice on information on social media platforms popular with their children and their friends. School staff will have access to a range of resources as well as up-to-date safeguarding information.

Download the App for free

(Visit link below)

Additional information letter (pdf) from the Minister of Eductaion

The Department of Education has collated a range of online resources which are intended to be helpful to families and pupils during the Covid-19 situation.


NSPCC are offering tips for online safety and in particular social media



Staying Connected to Support Families
and Young People during Covid-19

A Guide to Key Support Services

COVID 19 Family Support
Hubs Newsletter

Action for Children
Useful Apps - Emotional well being 

AWARE guide to looking after your Mental Health during COVID 19

The Autism Advisory and Intervention Service (AAIS) are celebrating World Autism Awareness Day on 2 April 2020 and showcasing the amazing talents of our children and young people throughout the month of April. A video of some of the amazing art work of our young people has been uploaded to the EA website and may be accessed via the following link:

Top Tips SL Session 2 March 2021.png
thinkyouknow activity packs.png

Online safety at home:

TJHS parents and carers newsletter: