Management Structure


Senior Leadership Team


Principal: Mr C W Brown

Vice Principal: Mrs D L Inns  (French and Spanish)(Pastoral/Curriculum)

Senior Teacher/Head Of Dept/Year Head: Miss R Mattison (History, Careers/Employability)




Heads Of Department.

Art: Mrs E Houston/Mrs A Bryson

English/Literacy/Drama: Mrs S Steele

Geography: Mrs M McMurray

History: Miss R Mattison

Home Economics: Mrs J Hall

Learning Support Centre: Mrs T Harris

Mathematics/Numeracy: Mr J Henning

Modern Languages/SENCO: Mrs E Crawford

Music: N/A

Physical Education: Mr K Gale

Religious Education: Mrs J Wilson

Science: Mrs L Gilmore

Technology: Mr J Keenan

Teachers in charge Girls’ PE: Mrs L McCallan







MIS/E-Schools Manager: Mrs J Wilson

Careers/Employability: Miss R Mattison

Citizenship/Examinations Officer: Mr K Gale

English as a Foreign Language: Mrs L McCallan

School Timetabler/Reporting/MIS Manager: Miss R Mattison

ICT: Mrs McMurray

ILST Co-Ordinator: Mrs L Gilmore

Personal Development: Mrs L Gilmore

SENCO: Ms E F Crawford

Year Head Co-Ordinator: Miss R Mattison





Subject Learning Areas

Art: Mrs E Houston, Mrs A Bryson

English/Drama: Mrs S Steele, Mrs E Gardiner , Mrs T Harris, Miss K McCaffrey.

Geography: Mrs M McMurray, Mr K Gale, Mrs L McCallan.

History: Miss R Mattison, Mrs J Wilson, Miss K McCaffrey

Home Economics: Mrs J Hall, Mrs E Gray.

ICT: Miss R Lavery, Mr I Patterson, Mrs A Hampton.

Learning for Life And Work: Mrs L Gilmore, Mr K Gale, Miss R Mattison.

Learning Support Centre: Mrs T Harris, Mrs G Crossey, Mrs A Hampton.

Mathematics: Mr J Henning, Mr R Gamble, Mrs G Crossey.

Modern Languages: Mrs D L Inns, Mrs E F Crawford, Mrs T Harris.

Music: Mr I Patterson.

Personal Development: Mrs L Gilmore, Mrs A Hampton.

Physical Education: Mr K Gale, Mrs L McCallan.

Religious Education: Mrs J Wilson, Mrs G Crossey, Mrs A Hampton.

Science: Mrs L Gilmore, Mrs M McMurray, Mrs R Sinton.

Technology: Mr J Keenan, Mrs E Gray.









Non Teaching Staff


Mrs H Fletcher Librarian & SENCO (Administration) - (no pic)

Ms L Bicker (Classroom Assistant)

Mr M Chambers (Building Supervisor) - (no pic)

Mrs L Ferris (Classroom Assistant-LSC)

Mrs A Gibson (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs S Greer (Science Technician - Reprographics)

Mrs J Irwin (Classroom Assistant)

Miss Zara Topping (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs J Magowan (Executive Officer)

Mrs L Dempsey (Assistant Executive Officer) - (no pic)

Mrs G Meredith (Senior Clerical Officer)

Miss S Trimble HE Technician)

Mrs B Poole (Classroom Assistant)

Mr B Turner (IT Technician)

Mrs H Wright (Classroom Assistant)

Ms Annette Graham (School Counselor)








Catering Staff


Miss Andrea Lockhart Supervisor

Mrs Kim Aston Catering Asst.

Ms S McAlinden Catering Asst.

Mrs A Hunniford Catering Asst.

Tandragee Junior High School Armagh Road, Tandragee, Co.Armagh. BT62 2AY

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Fax:  028

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