Important Logon Notes!

Access to Office 365 & Google Apps for Education services is available to

C2K account-holders on non-C2k devices, either by accessing via Myschool i.e. or directly via the relevant Google app or Google Drive website.

To login to Myschool, users should use their normal C2K username in the format (example: jbloggs123 together with their normal C2K password).

For Office 365 and Google Apps where direct access is used (i.e. from outside of school), users should use their C2K username in the format i.e. together with their normal C2k password.

...for Office365 follow steps 1 + 2 below.

...for Google Apps follow steps 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 below.


(i.e without going via MySchool)

Click either Office 365 or Google Apps below for direct access



Click Myschool Page Link above to go to MySchool website.

      !! Remember !! - For Direct Access (outside of the school network) users should use their      C2K username in the format i.e. together with their normal C2K password.
( Note the "" and not the usual "" )
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Click here for tutorial in PDF document.

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