Important Notice

Based on updated government advice

from Monday 23rd March, school is closed.

All staff are working from home until further notice.

This notice will be updated as new information becomes available.

Principal's Parent & Pupil Information Page

please click to access information about Links Counselling

Services during this extended school closure

Additional information can be found on our Facebook page.

Google Classroom notes.

A list of all classroom codes have been sent via an email link to every pupil for their year group classrooms.

Pupils need to log into their c2k account using their username and password we use in school - go to office 365 and access email - click on the link that was sent from Mrs McMurray with the list of classroom codes - go to Google Apps and join classes by clicking on the + and inserting the codes. When asked for email for Google pupils will use theirs in the format, i.e. If a pupil can't remember his/her c2k password you must use the contact form and request a reset.


The Google Classroom app can be downloaded to phones, ipads etc and is very handy if you want to get it too.

You can find schools Quick Access links at the bottom of this page or visit our LINKS page for more information. 

Important Notice Re- Transfer Exams

Contingency Planning:


The Dickson Plan principals, in consultation with their governors have agreed steps to safeguard the transfer process in the best interests of all our young people. We are also mindful of the well-being of our families and wider community in these uncertain and unprecedented times. 


Given the evolving context, current attendance rates and potential for a protracted period of school closure, the transfer examinations will not take place in any of the Junior High Schools.  Arrangements will be in place to ensure that no young person is disadvantaged.  It has been agreed, pending the approval of amendments to the admissions criteria of the colleges with the Department of Education, that academic evidence from Summer Year 9 and Christmas Year 10 will be used to inform the transfer process.  

We trust that this gives you some reassurance at this time.

C W Brown, Principal.


(Coronavirus) information

for parents, staff and pupils.

Please find link sent from DE to the Public Health Agency website where
advice on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) will be regularly updated.
Public Health Agency  additional advice leaflets on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Some info can be found on the EA website on COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

In the event that schools close for an extended period of time:

Please use our “Contact Us ” link to request pupil password resets

(Note: Use ONLY if a pupils password has expired or been forgotten)

Generally, if a pupil has locked themselves out, after 30 minutes of inactivity, they can retry.

   Note: This service will only operate between    
   8am - 4pm (Mon-Thu) and 8am - 3:45pm (Fri)  

~ Most Recent Event ~

For ALL School Dates, click HERE

Baker Day Friday 3 January 2020

Year 10 Parents’ Afternoon* Friday 3 January (12.30 to 2.50pm)

School Opens Monday 6 January 2020

Open Evening P6/7 Parents Thursday 9 January - 7.00 - 9.00 pm (1.30 pm finish)

School Development Day Friday 10 January

Year 9 Parents’ Afternoon* Friday 10 January (12.30 to 2.50pm)

Red Day Thursday 13 February

School Development Day Friday 14 February

Mid Term Monday 17 – Wednesday 19 February (inc)

Year 11 & 12 Information Evening Thursday 27 February

Holiday Tuesday 17 March

Transfer Exams Monday 23 March – Monday 30 March inc

Last Day of Term Friday 3 April (12.20 pm finish with buses) Non Uniform Day

School Opens Monday 20 April

Bank Holiday Friday 8th May (Please note change of date)

PTIE &PTIM for Years 8, 9 & 10 Early May

Geography Sponsored Walk May - Date to be confirmed

Bank Holiday Monday 25 May

Summer Exams Year 8/9 Tuesday 26 May – Tuesday 2 June inc.

Primary school testing in Assembly Hall Wednesday 3 June

Senior High School Induction Day (Portadown College) tbc

School Development Day Tuesday 9 June

Sports Day Friday 12 June

Manchester Trip Tuesday 16 – Friday 19 June

Prefects’ Evening Meal Monday 22 June

Year 10 Leavers’ Do Wednesday 24 June

Annual House Award Thursday 25 June (p1-4)

Special Assembly and Colour Run Friday 26 June


Portrush Trip Monday 29 June

Last Day of Term Tuesday 30 June (12.20 pm finish & buses) Non-Uniform Day (No Canteen)

Quick-links Toolbar

Logging into MySchool first, grants access to most school resources.
i.e. Email, School Files (your documents), Google Suite Apps etc.

To login to Myschool, users should use their normal C2K username in the format

(example: jbloggs123 together with their normal C2K password).

  Additionally, please visit our LINKS page where you can find detailed tutorials on accessing

EMAIL, Google Drive/Classroom and your School Files (i.e. documents)  

Mid Term Break                                                   

Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November incl.

Logon Notes for Office 365 / Google Drive (apps).

Access to Google Apps for Education services is available to users on non-C2k devices either by accessing via MySchool ( or directly via the relevant Google app or website. Where direct access is used (i.e. from outside of school), users should use their C2k username in the format i.e. together with their normal C2k password. ( Note the @c2ken and not the usual @c2kni ) CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

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